OmniTRAX, A&R Logistics Launch Atlanta Waterfront Terminal

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Fulton County Railway LLC. OmniTRAX photo by Eric Daly.

OmniTRAX, Inc., and A&R Logistics, North America’s largest provider of integrated dry bulk logistics services for the chemical and plastic industries, are opening Atlanta Waterfront Terminal, a new transload facility located adjacent to OmniTRAX’s Fulton County Railway LLC tracks southwest of downtown Atlanta, Ga.

Atlanta Waterfront Terminal will initially enable the contents of 10 hopper cars to be simultaneously offloaded to trailers, with expansion expected. It features secure fencing, high-intensity lighting and a fully graded compound that also includes storage space for 20 railcars. A&R will use the depot to transfer plastic pellets shipped by rail from resin producers onto specialized pneumatic trailers, and then transport the product to extruders throughout Georgia and neighboring states.

“Atlanta Waterfront Terminal is a great location for A&R, complete with access to the interstate system and great opportunities for growth,” said OmniTRAX CEO Kevin Shuba. “We look forward to working with the A&R team to ensure the facility safely reaches its full potential. There is the potential to add dozens of transload spots and a warehouse to the site.” “The key to Atlanta Waterfront Terminal is flexibility,” said Dan Jaworski, Chief Commercial Officer, A&R Logistics. “The location allows our trucks to get anywhere in the metro Atlanta area quickly and efficiently, plus the site is expandable to fit our growing needs.”

Fulton County Railway LLC (FCR) owns and operates more than 20 miles of trackage within the Fulton County Industrial Park, home to more than 40 rail-served warehouse and light manufacturing companies that ship or receive commodities such as food products, metals, paper and packaging products from the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Canada, Ohio Valley and Southeast. FCR customers move more than 8,000 cars, or the equivalent of 30,000 truckloads, annually through warehouses and light manufacturing facilities to end -users in Atlanta and the surrounding area, as well as multiple points along the East Coast. Fulton County Industrial Park is strategically located adjacent to I-20, just six miles west of downtown Atlanta. Major customers include Americold Logistics, Amware, Saddlecreek Corp., CKS Packaging, Sunny Delight Foods, Owens Corning and Evergreen Sweeteners.

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