Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The Greenbrier Companies has developed an innovative new way for railcar customers to inspect build quality: Virtual Sample Railcar™ (VSR), which remotely brings customers into the Greenbrier plant from the convenience of a conference room or home office.

VSR reduces the inspection and approval process, which normally takes three or more days to complete, to just one hour. In addition to saving time, it conserves valuable financial resources, because customers don’t have to travel to the manufacturing site.

VSR offers full access to a sample railcar, providing an experience that is just like walking Greenbrier’s railcar production line. It provides all the information and details needed to determine that railcars meet all specifications and will be delivered as-ordered.

VSR is centered around a narrated, high-resolution live-stream video that follows the build of a sample railcar down the entire production line, from carbody fabrication and component installation to painting and stenciling to finished product. The live-stream provides up-close views of valves, gates and hatches in operation, as well as other critical railcar components like trucks, couplers and brake rigging being measured and tested. And during the live-stream, customers can ask questions about what they’re seeing on the railcar, in real time.

Additionally, extreme-high-resolution photos allow customers to zoom in and inspect every detail of their sample car, with a 360-degree feature that provides multiple angles for a thorough examination.

During a final live-stream inspection from the plant’s buy-off area, customers can ask questions during a session with Greenbrier experts who know their specific new railcars inside and out.

For further information including a demonstration video on Virtual Sample Railcar™, see GO.GBRX.COM/VIRTUAL.

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