Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

January 2, 2013: James R. Young, Chairman of Union Pacific Corporation, has been named 2013 Railroader of the Year by railroad industry trade journal Railway Age.

“As Jim Young so aptly puts it, ‘Union Pacific has evolved from the company that built America by building the first transcontinental railroad to one that today is critical to the global supply chain,’” said Railway Age editor-in-chief William C. Vantuono. For his vital role in that evolution, he is a deserving recipient of our Railroader of the Year award. Under the leadership of Young and such key team members as Jack Koraleski, the current President and CEO, UP recently has started to see what its franchise can deliver for customers, employees, communities, and shareholders. Leading up to its 150th anniversary have been such mile-markers as record full-year earnings in 2010 and 2011; record capital investment in 2010, 2011, and again in 2012; and record levels of customer satisfaction since 2009.”

“I am honored to accept the railroader of the year award on behalf of all Union Pacific employees,” Young said. “Very few companies have achieved 150 years in business, and the best part about it for Union Pacific is despite all our incredible accomplishments during the past century and a half, we think our best years are still ahead of us.”

Jim Young is Railway Age’s 50th Railroader of the Year. He is the sixth Union Pacific recipient, preceded by Frank E. Barnett (1975), Robert M. Brown (1978), Mike Walsh (1991), Richard K. Davidson (2003), and William E. Wimmer (2007). Modern Railroads magazine founded the award, one of the most prestigious in the railroad industry, in 1964 as the “Man of the Year.” Railway Age acquired Modern Railroads in 1991 and has presented the award annually since then. Young will be honored on March 12, 2013, at Chicago’s Union League Club. Railway Age will tell the story of Jim Young and the organization he leads at Union Pacific with a cover story in the magazine’s January 2013 issue, which will also be available online at www.railwayage.com.

About Union Pacific

It was 150 years ago that Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act of July 1, 1862, creating the original Union Pacific. One of America’s iconic companies, today, Union Pacific Railroad is the principal operating company of Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE: UNP), linking 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country by rail and providing freight solutions and logistics expertise to the global supply chain. From 2000 through 2011, Union Pacific spent more than $31 billion on its network and operations, making needed investments in America’s infrastructure and enhancing its ability to provide safe, reliable, fuel-efficient, and environmentally responsible freight transportation. Union Pacific’s diversified business mix includes Agricultural Products, Automotive, Chemicals, Coal, Industrial Products, and Intermodal. The railroad serves many of the fastest-growing U.S. population centers and emphasizes excellent customer service. Union Pacific operates competitive routes from all major West Coast and Gulf Coast ports to eastern gateways, connects with Canada’s rail systems and is the only railroad serving all six major Mexico gateways.

About Railway Age

Railway Age (www.railwayage.com) is a monthly trade magazine circulated at the management levels of North American freight and passenger railroads. Founded in Chicago, Ill., in 1856, it is the transportation industry’s longest-running trade publication. Railway Age is published by the Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp., New York, N.Y.

Supplemental information

Railroader of the Year recipients under Modern Railroads

1964: D. W. Brosnan, Southern Railway System

1965: Stuart T. Saunders, Pennsylvania Railroad Co.

1966: Stuart T. Saunders, Pennsylvania Railroad Co.

1967: Louis W. Menk, Northern Pacific Railway

1968: William B. Johnson, Illinois Central Railroad

1969: John W. Barriger, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad

1970: John S. Reed, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway

1971: Jervis Langdon, Jr., Penn Central Transportation Co.

1972: Charles Luna, United Transportation Union

1973: James B. Germany, Southern Pacific Transportation Co.

1974: L. Stanley Crane, Southern Railway System

1975: Frank E. Barnett, Union Pacific Railroad

1976: Dr. William J. Harris, Jr., Association of American Railroads

1977: Edward G. Jordan, Conrail

1978: Robert M. Brown, Union Pacific Railroad

1979: Theodore C. Lutz, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

1980: John G. German, Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.

1981: Lawrence Cena, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway

1982: A. Paul Funkhouser, Family Lines Rail System

1983: L. Stanley Crane, Conrail

1984: Hays T. Watkins, CSX Corp.

1985: John L. Cann, Canadian National

1986: Raymond C. Burton, Jr., Trailer Train Co.

1987: Willis B. Kyle, Kyle Railways

1988: Darius W. Gaskins, Jr., Burlington Northern

1989: W. Graham Claytor, Jr., Amtrak

1990: Arnold B. McKinnon, Norfolk Southern

1991: Mike Walsh, Union Pacific Railroad

Recipients under Railway Age

1992: William H. Dempsey, Association of American Railroads

1993: Raymond C. Burton, Jr., TTX Co.

1994: L. S. “Jake” Jacobson, Copper Basin Railway

1995: Edwin Moyers, Southern Pacific Transportation Co.

1996: Robert D. Krebs, AT&SF, and Gerald Grinstein, Burlington Northern

1997: Paul M. Tellier, Canadian National

1998: David R. Goode, Norfolk Southern

1999: Edward A. Burkhardt, Wisconsin Central Transportation Co.

2000: The Railroad Worker (award presented as “Railroader of the Century” for 2000)

2001: Michael R. Haverty, Kansas City Southern

2002: E. Hunter Harrison, Canadian National/Illinois Central

2003: Richard K. Davidson, Union Pacific Railroad

2004: Robert J. Ritchie, Canadian Pacific Railway

2005: David R. Goode, Norfolk Southern

2006: Richard F. Timmons, American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association

2007: William E. Wimmer, Union Pacific Railroad

2008: Stephen C. Tobias, Norfolk Southern

2009: Michael J. Ward, CSX

2010: Matthew K. Rose, BNSF

2011: Wick Moorman, Norfolk Southern

2012: David L. Starling, Kansas City Southern

2013: James R. Young, Union Pacific Corporation

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