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Railhead Lands G&W Video Contract

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. (G&W) has awarded Railhead Corporation a contract to supply and install its high definition/4K onboard Locomotive Digital Video Recorder (LDVR4K) systems and Twin View and Wedge cameras fleetwide in North America “to support safety initiatives.”

The LDVR4K system consists of Railhead’s forward-facing Twin View (wide and  narrow) camera, which consists of two cameras in one housing that “more accurately replicates the engineer’s point of view,” the company sais. “The heated exterior wedge camera will be installed on the rear of the locomotive to provide coverage of that area. The video from all cameras is stored on a rugged digital video recorder built specifically for the demanding freight rail industry.”

Railhead, which is providing installation services for all G&W railroads nationwide, said its “powerful combination of LDVRs, cameras and video management software will enable Genesee & Wyoming to reduce maintenance and operating costs, reduce risk and liability and improve efficiency. More important, our LDVR4K will help G&W deliver on its safety initiatives by providing access to crucial information and ensure video will be available in the event of an incident. This, in turn, will enable G&W management to respond to situations and incidents quickly, while maintaining the highest level of customer service.”

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