Canadian Class I Receives First TekTracking CTA System

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Commander Terminal Automation tablet and workstation.

TekTracking LLC has successfully implemented an inaugural installation of its Commander Terminal Automation (CTA) system in a Canadian Class I railroad yard.

TekTracking describes CTA as “a modern control and communication platform specifically designed to vastly reduce the support costs demanded by legacy radio control technology suppliers.” The system was developed “to leverage superior off-the-shelf communication and control products to provide a 100% ethernet-based wireless control system. CTA replaces only the legacy control and communication components found in all yard automation systems.”

CTA, TekTracking notes, “retains existing power switch machines and the existing OS (‘On Switch]) circuit, which makes modernizing yard automation relatively inexpensive. The system is simple to set up and includes sophisticated software to assist in network maintenance and troubleshooting. Replacement components are open-source and readily available, even on Amazon! This allows the system to be easily supported by trained railroad personnel, eliminating the need for constant reliance on the system provider.” 

“I am so proud of our team for taking on this challenge and delivering a truly state-of-the-art control and communication system, delivering all the efficiencies expected for yard operations while also keeping system maintenance simple,” says Gregory Fogarty, TekTracking CEO. “The TekTracking team understands the high cost of maintaining proprietary, legacy control systems, and has developed an economical approach to refresh and renew remote switch control.”

TekTracking LLC, headquarered in Fairport, N.Y., describes itself as “an asset management technology provider servicing passenger and freight rail operators throughout North America. Our products and solutions address asset management issues universally faced by railway operators. Through strategic relationships with ‘best-in-class’ technology providers, TekTracking has assembled a comprehensive solution set to meaningfully reduce railroad operating costs. Additionally, we offer railroad technology OEMs our expert product ideation and development services and North American market development services.

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