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Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
Amsted Digital Solutions SAS is supplying IQ Series™ gateways to Greenbrier Europe.

Amsted Digital Solutions SAS is supplying IQ Series™ gateways to Greenbrier Europe.

Amsted Digital Solutions SAS on May 3 reported landing a multi-year contract to supply onboard telematics devices to Greenbrier Europe that will improve shipment visibility and railcar maintenance.

Amsted Digital said the data collected by its IQ Series™ gateways will help Greenbrier Europe’s railcar leasing customers “improve safety, better plan and manage shipments, and identify bottlenecks to streamline rail supply chains.” The devices will also be used to “optimize Greenbrier’s maintenance planning,” reported the provider of railcar fleet-management software and onboard-telematics solutions. “[T]he platform will provide Load Status in Motion (LSiM) for loaded and empty mileage tracking without an external sensor, and the devices can be configured over-the-air to incorporate wheel and brake health.”

Amsted Digital described the IQ Series gateway as an onboard device that “delivers operational and logistics insights without the need for additional … sensors,” and said it features a “proprietary hybrid power design that utilizes both solar and rechargeable batteries, extending the performance life up to 10 years.”

According to Amsted Digital, the IQ series gateway provides:

  • “Accurate GPS location data to manage inbound empties and outbound high-priority loaded cars.
  • “Up-to-the-minute updates on actual railcar arrival and departure, even within rail yards.
  • “[A]ccurate and reliable mileage data for loaded and empty railcar utilization.
  • “Real-time alerts for last-mile delivery, excessive dwell time, delays in transit, estimated arrival time, and more.”

Additionally, the device can be installed “on the body of virtually any type of railcar using self-tapping screws, through-bolts, or an optional magnetic mount,” Amsted Digital reported.

“We’re proud to provide a solution for Greenbrier and their customers that not only provides invaluable wagon data, but also minimizes system costs,” Amsted Digital Solutions Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brad Myers said. “Our IQ Series gateway delivers advanced functionality that would typically demand two, three, or even four onboard devices when compared to competing systems.”

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