Thales Launches AI-Centered Podcast

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Thales recently launched a new podcast mini-series, This is Artificial Intelligence, about its approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which keeps humans in the decision-making loop and how AI affects the world around us.

“AI-based solutions can’t be the same as those developed for the general public,” Thales said. “This is why Thales has adapted AI to the constraints of the environments in which its customers operate, where critical operations require safety, responsibility and compliance with standards, laws and ethical principles. Our approach to AI is known as Thales TrUE AI: Transparent, Understandable and Ethical artificial intelligence.”

Episode 1: What’s the future of Artificial Intelligence in Critical Environments?
Thales VP for Research, Technology and Innovation David Sadek explains why Thales is developing Hybrid AI for more power and functionality, how Thales is keeping humans in the decision-making loop, and why the company launched Thales TrUE AI.

Episode 2: Why AI is “the new Digital” in Defense
Sadek explains how AI is present in the entire military decision-making chain, from mission preparation to the theatre of operations, and how this corresponds to the Group’s own Thales TrUE AI approach. He discusses the challenges of using classified data for machine learning models as well as embedding AI in weapons systems where size, weight and power are limited. He also reviews how humans remain responsible for AI combat decisions.

Episode 3: AI to drive mobility change as autonomous train is coming
Amine Arezki, Chief Autonomy Leader at Thales in Germany, and Walter Kinio, VP, Research and Innovation at Thales in Canada, explain how AI will disrupt mobility and the ground transportation sector.

Episode 4 revolves around AI in aerospace, security and space. The first three episodes can be found here.

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