Webinar: Secure Digital Maintenance Solutions for Modern and Legacy Trains

Join us for a webinar on September 28 at 1:00 pm ET that explores two of the most important challenges facing the rail industry today—cyber security and digital maintenance.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) has mandated requirements to ensure passenger and freight railroad carriers have systems and processes in place to keep the software up to date and configuration changes well managed. However, the complexity of those processes—and the security risks that get introduced along the way—haven’t been sufficiently discussed to date. 

These are the challenges RazorSecure addresses with their innovation, Digital Maintenance Solution. In this webinar, we discuss observations and experiences of digital maintenance from a range of perspectives, including a train builder, a train operator and a solution provider. Register now >

You’ll hear some of the finest digital and cyber minds in the railroad industry discuss:  

  • Challenges from a train builder’s perspective.
  • TSA cyber security mandates and their effects in greater detail.
  • The human and process failures that can unknowingly introduce malware onto train networks.
  • A cutting-edge digital maintenance solution which RazorSecure has developed to address these complex challenges, in terms of keeping software up to date in a timely and secure manner onboard.

There will also be a Q&A Panel Discussion at the end, during which you can ask the panel your own questions.

Webinar Speakers

Alex Cowan

Alex Cowan, RazorSecure
  • CEO & Founder
  • RazorSecure

Dr. Martin Brucherseifer

Martin Brucherseifer, Siemens Mobility
  • Engineering Manager, Connectivity & Product and Solution Security
  • Siemens Mobility

Ahmed Idrees

Ahmed Idrees, Sound Transit
  • OT Engineering and SCADA Manager
  • Sound Transit

Michael A. Echols CISSP, MBA

Michael Echols, Max Cybersecurity
  • CEO
  • Max Cybersecurity

Erin Plemons

Erin Plemons, ENSCO
  • Deputy Director of the Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Todd Ellis

Todd Ellis, HATCH
  • Sr. Systems Consultant, Rail Systems Global Lead