Webinar: Gaining Operational and Security Insights from Onboard Data

As the rail industry continues to modernize and adopt new technologies—and given the persistence of bad actors—operators face an increasingly complex landscape to secure both legacy and new rail vehicles. Addressing this complexity head-on requires solutions that can bridge the gap between your OCC (Operations Control Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center) teams to deliver greater value.

But for such a solution to comprehensively secure your attack surface, it needs access to more than just IT data.   

Serial bus data from various onboard operational technology (OT) systems— like engine control units, train management systems, and other critical systems —is crucial for identifying and mitigating operational anomalies and potential cyber threats. Collecting and analyzing Ethernet and serial bus data helps rail operators better understand their fleet’s maintenance needs and security posture, but doing so has challenges. Serial data is highly specialized and requires unique knowledge and tools to interpret, and it’s often proprietary, making it difficult or even impossible for operators to access and use it.   

Join us on August 22 at 1:00 pm ET to learn about these challenges, how to overcome them, and the benefits of unlocking onboard serial data to uncover actionable insights.

In this session, we’ll discuss:  

  • The various onboard data sources, what insights they can reveal, and why correlating onboard serial data with data from across your fleet operations helps provide comprehensive observability. 
  • How gaining complete observability helps security and operations teams respond to operational issues and cyber incidents more quickly and effectively. 
  • The importance of making data easily accessible and more understandable to stakeholders, and recommendations for aligning data to enable rail operations to reach their business goals.

Webinar Speakers

Michael Weigand

Michael Weigand
  • Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder
  • Shift 5

Michael Knapp

Michael Knapp
  • Director of Sales
  • Shift 5

William Vantuono

William C. Vantuono
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Railway Age