Multi-Max Plus

Greenbrier Multi-Max Plus™: Versatility in Motion

The versatile, bilevel Multi-Max Plus™, designed and built by The Greenbrier Companies, addresses the constantly changing requirements of transporting motor vehicles by rail. Specifically designed to carry tall cargo vans such as the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Stellantis Ram ProMaster, GMC BrightDrop and Rivian EDV 700 and built on our low-level flatcar frame, it has the tallest allowable car height in the industry—Plate K, 20 feet, 2 inches above top-of-rail—a 14-inch height advantage over traditional 19-foot Plate J bilevel auto racks. Unique, rapidly adjustable decks on both ends of the Multi-Max Plus make it “deck-compatible” with Plate J bilevel auto racks, thereby maximizing loading flexibility.