Report: MSE Celebrates Opening of Railcar Repair Shop

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
Helena (Miss.) Industrial Park. (Forrest Proctor Photograph, Courtesy of MSE)

Helena (Miss.) Industrial Park. (Forrest Proctor Photograph, Courtesy of MSE)

The Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE) on May 13 held a Gold Spike Ceremony for a new railcar repair shop specializing in tank qualification at the Helena Industrial Complex in Moss Point, Miss., according to a WXVV report.

The Mark B. Railcar Repair Shop, named after the company’s retired Vice President of Operations for 22 years, will service outside customers, specializing in tank qualification, cleaning, and blast and painting, “bringing new business and growth to Jackson County,” according to the report.

According to the report, tank cars must be inspected or “qualified” by certified personnel at regular intervals to ensure their safety for carrying such commodities as various liquids, including water, ethanol, crude oil, vegetable oil and propane. The qualification process involves “visual inspections, structural integrity checks, thickness testing, safety system evaluations, complete valve rebuilds, leakage pressure tests and internal coating inspections.”

While tank car inspection and qualification are less common than other types of railcar maintenance, such as preventative maintenance repair, the services “help protect the environment and the communities served by rail and ensure the long-term, overall safety of rail transportation,” according to the WXVV report.

“The new Tank Qualification Shop will be built on a 12-acre site in our Helena Industrial Complex,” said Kate Bourgeois, President and CEO of MSE, which was named Railway Age’s 2024 Short Line of the Year. “The complex site is certified and shovel-ready to begin construction. We hope to add up to 24 new full-time jobs within the first five years of operation.”

“The MSE team is proud to be able to fill this important need for our industry,” added Bourgeois. “MSE will now be ready to inspect and qualify tank cars for use all over the country while at the same time growing Jackson County’s economy.”

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