House of Representatives

Amtrak’s total federal investment request includes $1.242 billion for Northeast Corridor infrastructure (pictured).

Amtrak to Congress: We Need $10B

Amtrak, updating its forecast for fiscal year 2021, anticipates needing up to $4.857 billion to support the company and employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, as Congress considers programs for stimulating the economy, Amtrak has identified $5.193 billion in additional need as part of an economic recovery proposal to help the nation recover from the impacts of the pandemic. The combined requests total $10.050 billion.

House coalition backs transport package

A bipartisan group of 111 House members announced Tuesday it is urging President Obama to support a six-year transportation authorization. A letter to the President states that “short-term extensions fail to recognize that meaningful, large-scale transportation projects take years to plan, approve and implement.” States and contractors need a long-term bill in order to execute large projects and repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, the group says.