Rebuilt Power for Quebec’s SOPOR

SOPOR (Société du port ferroviaire de Baie-Comeau) has taken delivery of a remanufactured locomotive at its Baie-Comeau facility, located on the St. Lawrence River on Quebec’s North Shore. SOPX 7306 is former

Red River Valley & Western Jordan Spreader in action near Gwinner, N.Dak. (RRVW photo by David Badgley)

Primed For Impact

RAILWAY AGE AUGUST 2022 ISSUE, ANNUAL REPORT ON WINTER PREPAREDNESS: Railroads are proactive when it comes to countering winter weather effects. They work together and with suppliers to reduce risk and ensure that traffic keeps moving—safely.

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Preparedness Pays Off

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2021 ISSUE: For railroads, keeping ahead of the next “polar vortex” means boosting communications and partnering with shippers, other carriers and suppliers, early.

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Cold Comfort

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2020 ISSUE, ANNUAL WINTER PREPAREDNESS REPORT: Winter preparedness is essential for avoiding frozen equipment, malfunctioning cars, service delays or even suspended operations.
Fail to prepare for winter’s harsh conditions and your railroad will be running on ice—literally and figuratively. One railroad that prepares for winter’s onslaught is BNSF, which has some of the most rugged territory in North America.

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“A Complete Readiness Solution”: Hotstart

RAILWAY AGE at RAILWAY INTERCHANGE 2019: Hotstart’s new BCU (Battery Charging Unit) provides float charging to batteries, allowing them to maintain their available voltage. It’s designed for use in locomotives, heavy equipment, mobile applications and other battery installations.

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Ready for the cold?

Extreme cold doesn’t have to have an extreme effect on railroad operations and maintenance. As published in the August 2018 issue of Railway Age, following are several examples of how the supply industry has warmed up to the task.

HOTSTART celebrating 75 years

Spokane, Wash.-based HOTSTART, a leading developer and manufacturer of diesel engine block heaters, is celebrating its 75th anniversary throughout 2017.