Eno Center for Transportation

Eno Study: ‘Safety Trends Moving in the Wrong Direction’

A new report from the Eno Center for Transportation, “Safer Railroading: A Guide Toward Targeted Safety Policy,” points out that, although freight and passenger railroads “are among the safest modes of transportation for workers, riders, and the public,” and “strong federal standards for railroad track and operations, technological investments like PTC, and communities’ infrastructure improvements have yielded significant gains,” most of the gains “have plateaued and, in some cases, safety trends are moving in the wrong direction.”

California HSR: Seven Deadly Mistakes

“Real high-speed rail might still make sense in the U.S. in the densely populated Northeast Corridor and among certain high-population city-pairs elsewhere in the U.S. in the ‘sweet spot’ of 250-500 miles apart (too far to drive easily, too short to fly conveniently), if costs can be kept under control,” writes Eno Center for Transportation Senior Fellow and Eno Transportation Weekly Editor Jeff Davis. “But future high-speed rail projects would do well to avoid seven mistakes that have caused the California system to be indefinitely delayed.”

Congress moving toward Chinese railcar ban: Eno

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have each passed versions of a U.S. Department of Transportation 2019 appropriations bill that would impose a one-year ban on new procurements of transit railcars or buses from companies owned or subsidized by the Chinese government (namely, CRRC, China Railway Rolling Stock Corp.), if the procurement uses any Federal Transit Administration formula or bus funding, according to an Aug. 1 Eno Center for Transportation report written by Jeff Davis, Senior Fellow and Editor of Eno Transportation Weekly.