Canadian Pacific Kansas City


CPKC: New Railroad, New Livery

Locomotives are the public face of a railroad. The most attractive liveries reflect not only a company’s heritage, but the communities it serves. It is a symbol of pride. In some cases, it symbolizes a connection with a nation.

CPKC’s MMX Growing by 1,000 ‘Reefers’

Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) is adding 1,000 new, 53-foot, refrigerated intermodal containers—”reefers,” in railroad terms, though the name usually refers to refrigerated boxcars—to its transnational, single-line service network, more than doubling

Exemplary Executives

RAILWAY AGE, MAY 2023 ISSUE: Railway Age’s 2023 honorees—selected by our subscribers—approach their roles with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to service, safety and sustainability.

Class I Briefs: BNSF/CSX, CPKC

BNSF and CSX have been included in the 2023 National Diversity Council (NDC) Index. Also, Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) has been recognized for innovation by the SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards.

Nearshoring in Mexico: A Lifetime Opportunity

Nearshoring, in which manufacturing is relocating from Asia—mostly China—to North America—mostly Mexico—is one of the key drivers behind creation of CPKC (Canadian Pacific Kansas City), the first and only transnational, single-line railroad