How Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Impacts Rail, Transit

The U.S. Senate has voted 67-32 to consider a nearly $1 trillion national infrastructure package, following a compromise by President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators on key provisions, including $39 billion for public transit and $66 billion for passenger and freight rail.

Amtrak, Scranton to New York City?

The Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority (PNRRA) has signed a Joint Planning Agreement with Amtrak for proposed operation of new intercity service between Scranton, Pa., and New York Penn Station, using the long-dormant, State of New Jersey- and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-owned Lackawanna Cut-Off. The service is one of the new routes in Amtrak’s 2035 system plan.

Amtrak: New Equipment Brings New Challenges

Having worked into Washington D.C. Union Station from the South my entire Amtrak career as a locomotive engineer, I’m excited yet apprehensive about the acquisition of dual-power and battery-hybrid motive power and integrated trainsets from Siemens Mobility, because it’s going to require the type of commitment to maintenance and service that’s historically been haphazard at Amtrak, at best.

From Siemens: Amtrak’s Next-Gen Trainsets

Amtrak has awarded Siemens Mobility $3.4 billion in contracts to design, manufacture and provide technical support services and maintenance for 83 trainsets of two power configurations, with options for up to 130 additional trainsets. For Siemens, it is the company’s largest North American contract in history. For Amtrak, its total investment, with a long-term parts supply and service agreement, facility modifications and upgrades, and contingencies, is $7.3 billion. Deliveries are slated to commence in 2024.