Calgary opens two new LRT stations

Written by Douglas John Bowen

Calgary residents in the city's northeast section gained direct access to the two new light rail transit stops on the C-Train 202 line Monday, with station openings at Saddletowne and Martindale.

Local media reported Calgary Transit officials were pleased with the first day of operations on the new extension itself, though some problems with feeder bus connections remained.

Otherwise, the problem seemed to be one of more than anticipated demand, according to Neil McKendrick, manager of Calgary transit planning, who cited complaints centered on the size of Saddletowne park-and-ride lot. “We heard some people that said the parking lot filled up,” McKendrick said. “It’s only 130 spaces, but with the ability to walk or cycle from just about anywhere in the community to one of the two stations, we don’t anticipate a lot of people needing to drive.”

Between 8,000 and 10,000 people per day are expected to use the two new stations.

The extension cost roughly C$130 million.