Brookville catches $33M Tempe streetcar contract

Written by Railway Age Staff

Brookville Equipment Corp. has signed a $33-million contract with Valley Metro Rail of Phoenix to design, build and deliver six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars for the Tempe Streetcar.

The Brookville, Pa.-based manufacturer said the cars will operate along a new corridor connecting downtown Tempe with Arizona State University students, Rio Salado Parkway, and other destinations.

The vehicle, 70 feet long and eight feet-eight inches wide, will include on-board battery energy storage, enabling the vehicles to travel segments without overhead power for portions of the route. The streetcar batteries will recharge while connected to areas where there is catenary wire.

“Brookville is excited to work with Valley Metro by providing an American-manufactured streetcar vehicle for a new transit service,” said Brookville Vice President of Business Development Joel McNeil.

The vehicles will be designed and manufactured at Brookville’s Western Pennsylvania facility, and will exceed Buy America requirements of more than 70% American content.

The cars offer station-level boarding provided by an automatic leveling system, which adjusts the vehicle’s platform height as passenger loading fluctuates. The vehicles also include more than 70% low floor area and feature priority seating for people with disabilities and mobility devices. Capacity is approximately 120 passengers with seating for 32.

Tempe will be the fifth city to operate Brookville’s off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars, which are currently in service for DART in Dallas, Texas (four vehicles) and the QLINE Detroit (six vehicles). Brookville said it is also nearing delivery of Liberty Streetcars for the Oklahoma City (seven vehicles) and Milwaukee (five vehicles).

The Tempe cars are scheduled for delivery by 2020, ahead of the streetcar line’s start-up of service.






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