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Supply Side: Brookville, L.B. Foster

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
Brookville on Feb. 13 reported that its Quality Assurance Program has been validated as compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards. (Brookville Photograph)

Brookville on Feb. 13 reported that its Quality Assurance Program has been validated as compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards. (Brookville Photograph)

Brookville Equipment Corporation earns ISO 9001:2015 standard compliance certification. Also, L.B. Foster Company rebrands and unveils a new global website.


Brookville on Feb. 13 reported that its Quality Assurance Program has been validated as compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards, following a recent certification audit by DEKRA, an ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited certification body.

The campus-based certification covers Brookville’s facilities in Brookville, Pa., and complements the organization’s long-standing Association of American Railroads (AAR) M-1003 Certification for its Quality Assurance Program.

Brookville’s core rail products include locomotive, streetcar and rail-mounted mining equipment. Among its other offerings: contract manufacturing services for industrial clients in new markets, including entertainment parks, specialty vehicles, electronics cabinets, and customer component fabrication. Brookville said its Special Projects and Contract Manufacturing divisions provide fabrication, assembly, painting and finishing, and testing validation services for new clients “looking to localize or onshore activities to improve supply chain support.” Examples include laser, plasma, and oxyfuel cutting, metal forming, fabrication and welding, mechanical and electrical assembly, painting and finishing, and testing and validation for prototype and small quantity orders.

“While our quality standards have been and will continue to be world class for our valued customers, we now have the certification to prove our commitment to quality for every market and industry we serve,” Brookville Executive Vice President Joel McNeil said. “Given the growing demand for ISO 9001:2015 standard compliance in our core markets, in addition to our continued diversification and growth into new product and service offerings, we believe this certification will provide additional assurance and confidence in Brookville as a manufacturing partner that can add value for clients now and in the future.”

In other news, Brookville recently supplied five light rail vehicles for Sound Transit’s 2.4-mile, $282.7 million Hilltop Tacoma light rail extension, which opened last fall. It is also delivering three new Liberty® NXT Streetcars to Portland Streetcar.

L.B. Foster

L.B. Foster has rebranded and launched a new global website in an aim to “articulate and present a customer-centric organization that has a clear vision and core purpose.” The Pittsburgh, Pa.-based company offers products and services for the rail and infrastructure markets.

L.B. Foster reported that its new core purpose—“We innovate to solve global infrastructure challenges”—captures the breadth of the company’s solutions and diversity of market applications. It said it focuses its “value creation and initiatives through two specific segments: an end-to-end supplier to the global railroad market; and a supplier of purpose-built products to the North American infrastructure market.” L.B. Foster’s global website has been designed to represent those two segments, with all products and services it provides organized under each. The global railroad segment includes all rail, friction management, and condition monitoring products, as well as technology solutions and services that inform passenger travel and safety. The infrastructure segment includes precast concrete buildings and products, protective pipe coatings, water well products used in agricultural and municipal projects, and bridge forms for the North American market.

“We have come a long way over the 20 years since our now widely recognized red and black L.B. Foster logo was introduced,” L.B. Foster President and CEO John Kasel said. “Since then, we have continued to grow, acquiring and divesting several businesses along the way. We wanted to invigorate how we present ourselves visually, while also refining our core purpose into a clear and simple message. Our new brand identity retains our respected logotype, but with the addition of a new graphic ‘centrifuge’ icon [see logo, top]. The centrifuge represents the momentum of our business and is a concept that acknowledges our engineering history. It’s modern, fresh, and inspiring, connecting the business we are today with the aspirations we have for tomorrow.”

The move is a result of a 12-month consultation with key stakeholders inside and outside the company, according to L.B. Foster.

Separately, L.B. Foster recently elected David J. Meyer to its Board of Directors. For more on the company’s rail fastening system products, read “May the Clamping Force Be with You,” by Railway Age Senior Editor Carolina Worrell.

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