Strato: New SCU, Couplers at Railway Interchange

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Strato's Selective Cushioning Unit (SCU)

RAILWAY AGE at RAILWAY INTERCHANGE 2019: Strato, Inc. is showcasing some new products at Railway Interchange 2019, including its Selective Cushioning Unit (SCU) and its Coupler Systems.

Strato’s SCU—designed to perform effectively for both train action and yard impact—aims to reduce costly operational delays caused by line-of-road failure. Used as a replacement for hydraulic end-of-car cushioning devices, it strives to reduce hose separation and knuckle failure, which can lead to train stoppages.

SCU was designed with improved train handling, minimal retrofit cost and lower life-cycle cost in mind, the company says.

Strato’s M-216 Coupler Fatigue was tested to exceed 1.5 million cycles without failure, the company noted, with AAR requirements at zero. Its M-216 Coupler Requalification has a life of one year, again with AAR requirements set at zero.

Strato adds that 70% of its coupler line is in production.

Strato’s entire coupler line, 70% of which is in production.
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