Schneider Announces New Intermodal Offering

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Trucking, intermodal and logistics services provider Schneider has added a new service to its lineup of Intermodal solutions: Schneider Rail Dray, which focuses on the initial and end moves of intermodal transportation, getting freight from shipper to ramp and ramp to receiver.

Schneider noted that Rail Dray is optimal for:

  • Railroad providers needing to move shipper freight.
  • Third-party logistics providers lacking driver capacity.
  • Direct shippers using their own intermodal containers.

Schneider aims to provide support and visibility needed for rail dray freight:

  • Scale: Conducting more than 1 million drays a year, Schneider has the scale to dray freight across an entire network.
  • Visibility: Satellite-tracking technology enables real-time visibility of dray freight and early notification of delays.
  • Risk Mitigation: Schneider’s drivers “operate newer company equipment that is maintained to the highest standard to safeguard against delays and minimize safety and regulatory exposure.”
  • Optimization: Schneider “has the resources and know-how to efficiently optimize an entire dray network.”

More information about Schneider Rail Dray can be found here.

“Expanding our strength of intermodal expertise to include Rail Dray ensures that we’re continuing to meet the demands of a changing industry,” said Jim Filter, Schneider’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of intermodal. “The new service provides capacity and control to reliably move dray freight without the inconveniences typically associated with rail moves.”

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