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Safety : Number 1 Concern of the Railroad Industry!

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Railcars contain hundreds of parts and critical components that are inspected frequently to ensure safe and reliable operations for more than 1.6 million railcars traversing 200,000 miles of track in North America. Railroads and railcar owners seek advanced technologies to maintain safety, reliability and efficiency.

Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP®)

Duos Technologies Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP®) is an advanced, AI-enabled railcar imaging system. It produces high resolution images of railcars moving at track speeds. The wide array of images offer a 360⁰ view of each railcar — including the undercarriage. An intuitive, graphical user interface allows mechanical railcar inspectors to scan trains, review railcars and perform detailed inspections rapidly.

The RIP’s optional Artificial Intelligence (AI) detections help elevate inspections to a highly automated process. Professionally developed AI models are available to target and identify a wide variety of specific railcar defects, providing inspectors with alerts and notifications. Inspection time is reduced and immediately draws attention to targeted areas of interest.

Beyond simple imaging, the RIP® is a comprehensive inspection solution with proven success in streamlining railcar inspections.

Features / Benefits

  • Increased safety: employees, customers and the general public.
  • Reduces cost of risk: reduce mainline service interruptions and derailments.
  • Decreases dwell times and improves equipment turns.
  • Improves overall fleet health by proactively managing the car repair process.
  • Improves customer communications and regulatory compliance.

Discover Actionable Intelligence for Rail Operators

Expert AI – The Duos Difference

centraco®  + AI | Data Analysis

  • Duos’ proprietary AI development and deployment gives clients control over the AI implementation, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.
  • Duos in-house experienced Railcar Mechanics serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure accurate detections.
  • Duos incorporates Human-in-the-Loop technology, combining the rapid analysis of machines with human judgement to eliminate false positives.
  • Our deployment-ready AI detection catalogue targets and identifies critical defects.

Request a Duos AI Detection catalogue here

Optional Railcar Inspection Portal Modules*

  • Oblique Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner: Captures areas of interest on the car or locomotive underside including truck inner spring nest, traction motors, axles, brake components, bolsters and in most cases wheel conditions.
  • Oblique Truck View: An intelligent imaging system that provides high-resolution images of truck side frames, roller bearing adapters, and other critical components.

*All modules use high resolution technology combined with artificial intelligence to create unparalleled imagery and detection.

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