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People News: Pandrol, CTA, Delegata

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
From Left to Right: Xavier Sarrat, Chief Procurement Officer, Pandrol; J. Mark MacKeigan, CTA member; Marisa Eva Victor, CTA member; and Amira Menoufy, President; Delegata.

From Left to Right: Xavier Sarrat, Chief Procurement Officer, Pandrol; J. Mark MacKeigan, CTA member; Marisa Eva Victor, CTA member; and Amira Menoufy, President; Delegata.

Pandrol appoints Xavier Sarrat as Chief Procurement Officer. Also, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) announces two new appointments; and Amira Menoufy is appointed as Delegata’s new President.


Pandrol announced Jan. 18 that Xavier Sarrat has been appointed as Chief Procurement Officer, replacing Olivier Jullien, who has taken on a new strategic role.

A master of both the French National Business School for Higher Education in Management (HEC) and National School for Higher Education in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ENSAM), Sarrat will report directly to Pandrol CEO Nicolas Groult.

Sarrat, who previously served as Associate VP, Global Procurement in Singapore for Agilent Technology, will be based in Colombes, France, taking up this new role and replacing Jullien beginning January 2024.

“Olivier has accepted to take a specific assignment to support one of the ‘Success Drivers’ of our strategy, ‘Pandrol on-track 2028’, to improve footprint performance and will continue to report to me,” said Groult.

“After seven years as Chief Procurement Officer, Olivier will bring significant experience and knowledge to further enhance Pandrol’s industrial footprint and supply chain, Groult added. “Xavier will also bring us his experience as former Brakes & Safety Group Sourcing Director and from his role as China Division Purchasing Director for Wabtec.”

Pandrol “defines the industry standard for rail fastening systems and aluminothermic welding having created rail infrastructure in more than 100 countries,” the company stated in a release. Its capabilities extend to manufacturing castings and plastics, track electrification, and creating equipment for track construction, fastening installation, and welding.


Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez on Jan. 18 announced the following two appointments at CTA:

  • J. Mark MacKeigan has been reappointed as a member for a term of four years (effective November 28, 2023).
  • Marisa Eva Victor has been appointed as a member for a four-year term (effective January 9, 2024).

These appointees, CTA says, bring a diverse range of expertise to their roles. Their appointments were made through an open, transparent and merit-based Governor-in-Council selection process, aimed at aiding CTA in “fulfilling its crucial mandate of ensuring a competitive, accessible, and efficient transportation system for Canadians.”

“We are appointing qualified members to CTA to ensure a competitive, accessible, and sustainable transportation system,” said Rodriguez. “I wish them well and look forward to seeing them play a crucial role advancing the goals of the agency and shaping the future of Canada’s transportation landscape.”


Sacramento, Calif.-based management and technology consulting firm Delegata on Jan. 18 announced that Amira Menoufy has been appointed as President.

“With a proven record of leadership and a keen understanding of the government technology sector,” Menoufy, Delegata says, “will spearhead the company’s vision for continued growth and excellence in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Kais Menoufy will focus on strategy, innovation and client relationships in his CEO role. He will work closely with [Amira] Menoufy and the Delegata Leadership Team to “build upon Delegata’s solid foundation for continued growth,” according to the company. The Delegata Leadership Team includes Director Project Delivery Jacque Silver, Director of Strategy and Solutions Tony Appleby, Director of Technology and Transformation Moe Huss, and Operations Manager Christina Bria. “This team brings a wealth of industry expertise to Delegata and its clients and will provide strategic counsel and oversight on delivery excellence, as well as lead operations and business development efforts,” the company said.

[Amira] Menoufy joined Delegata more than 22 years ago and has a deep understanding of the government sector and Delegata’s consulting practice. She has led internal and external teams to deliver on Delegata’s reputation of excellence garnering more than 70 industry best solutions and leadership awards in partnership with clients, according to the company.

“Amira has a proven track record of leading our teams and successfully managing complex client projects. Her leadership style aligns with Delegata’s values of integrity, client focus, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. She is very well positioned to help Delegata evolve in its next phase of growth,” said [Kais] Menoufy.

Prior to joining Delegata, Menoufy worked for Silicon Valley technology companies, including Lucent Technologies, BroadVision, BetaSphere, and Siebel Systems.

“In any circumstance or project, big or small, Amira’s leadership is unmistakable,” said Silver. “She is skilled at assessing the needs of her team and her clients—helping them create a future vision, articulate clear goals, and drive collective action towards achieving success. Her commitment, vision, and solutions-oriented style will serve us well as we move forward into Delegata’s next phase.”

“I am excited to step into the role of President,” said Menoufy. “Delegata has a strong and trusted reputation among our state government clients that has been built over time by our dedicated teams and partners across the state. I will continue investing in our people and expanding our expertise, while ensuring that we provide the highest value to our clients. Working with California’s state agencies is incredibly rewarding, and I aim for Delegata to continue to be recognized as the trusted go-to partner for the state.”

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