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HRSI introduced its Automated Conveyor Train at Railway Interchange

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, Editor, Railway Track & Structures; and Engineering Editor, Railway Age
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Herzog Railroad Services, Inc., unveiled the Automated Conveyor Train (A.C.T.), its new aggregate delivery system, at Railway Interchange 2015.

The 30-car consist has a 97-ton material capacity per car and can distribute various types of aggregate in curves of up to 13 degrees and super-elevation of up to five inches. Herzog Railroad Services says the A.C.T. can offload up to five-inch stone, mainline ballast, walking ballast and sand. The company says a fully loaded A.C.T. with a 2,910-ton total capacity can be unloaded in 90 minutes.

The A.C.T. has an automated plow on the front of the discharge car that allows for striking off of material that is off-loaded directly in front of the machine. The machine can discharge up to 2,000 tons of aggregate per hour via a 35-foot belt that is capable of delivering material at a 90-degree angle from the track and 50 feet from track center. The machine is also built to Plate C specifications.

Herzog Railroad Services, Inc., says customers can vary the size of the consist based on specifications, and notes that the ability to control which car is unloaded first allows multiple material types to be loaded on a single consist.

Tim Francis, vice president marketing, said, “Herzog Railroad Services, Inc., noted the industry need for this capability and believes the A.C.T. answers the call.”

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