Clark Testing Opens Propulsion Dynamic Lab

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Clark Testing recently announced the opening of its Propulsion Dynamic Lab (PDL), which is aimed at supporting the heavy and light rail industry.

The Propulsion Lab was acquired from Bombardier Transportation (Holdings) USA, Inc., in 2018 and was relocated to Clark Testing’s laboratory and headquarters in Jefferson Hills, Pa.

PDL creates track profile runs cycling traction motors, gear units, DC and AC Converters, and braking for rail systems. The lab analyzes system functioning with the introduction of temperature rise, resistance, core loss, friction, windage and reactance of propulsion systems.

Clark’s programmable software systems allows for: ATC System Simulation; Profile Runs; Supply Rate Request; Program Stop Tape; Car Hold/Station Dwell; Friction Braking Simulation; Multiple Power Feeds; Third Rail up to 2000 VDC; Up to 200,000-pound Load Simulation; and Track Grade Simulation.

In addition to the propulsion simulation and testing services, Clark also offers electronic and mechanical testing, including electrodynamic vibration testing in accordance with MIL, IEC and ISO Standards.

Clark’s mechanical lab provides structural testing on truck frames, bolsters and bogeys for undercar component structural verification. Clark’s structural lab is capable of applying multiple loads and cycles while recording large proportionate amounts of data.

Clark’s EMC Lab provides compliance services for electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference on electrical and electronic systems for the rail industry. Clark has EMC chambers and ground planes that can certify equipment to all MIL and EN standards.

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