Tiger Cool Express expands container fleet

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Tiger Cool Express LLC, a transporter of produce and food products in temperature-controlled intermodal containers, has added 35 domestic containers to its fleet. The new acquisition marks an increase in the fleet size by 17.5%, to 234 containers.

The new containers match Tiger Cool Express’s current specifications. They are Hyundai boxes with Carrier X4-7300 refrigeration units and iBright telematics. The insulated containers are built to hold temperatures to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Employing the latest technology, the containers offer a host of technological safeguards for the safety and security of their valuable cargo,” the company said. “The containers are equipped with remote accessibility and can be turned on or off or have temperatures adjusted from any location, remotely. There are four internal sensors that measure temperature, including a coring thermometer, to manage and monitor the environment inside the container and record that information during the entire trip. Additional sensors monitor door openings and closings. Cellular sensors monitor location speed and direction; they are equipped with geo-fencing capability to alert us and the customer if the equipment is out of route. Accelerometers measure vertical and horizontal impacts and timing and location of those impacts. Additional sensors measure the quantity of fuel in the containers’ 120-gallon diesel tanks. Twin canvass chutes and corrugated aluminum floors ensure that cold air is distributed evenly throughout the container. This entire suite of monitoring information is available to Tiger Cool Express customers in real time via a link on our website.”

“With the increasing use of transcontinental intermodal transport, it’s more important than ever to provide our customers the capability to trace the equipment physically in real time,” said Tiger Cool Express LLC CEO Tom Finkbiner. “Our fleet of temperature-controlled containers will provide customers with the most comprehensive set of monitoring tools and devices available for perishables cargo—not only a fast, efficient, and cost effective solution to nationwide temperature controlled cargo delivery, but also safe, reliable delivery with high visibility throughout the entire route, for our customers’ peace of mind.”

Tiger Cool Express expects to announce additional fleet expansions in early 2015.