ShipChain Launches New Delivery Platform

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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ShipChain recently launched a new Final Mile delivery platform, Delivery Experience Manager, in an effort to help improve visibility for customers, shorten waiting time and delivery windows, reduce damage claims, and provide a seamless delivery experience.

The new Delivery Experience Manager aims to allow buyers, carriers and shippers to track transports in real-time and verify delivery time, location and quality of goods with every single shipment. The technology can be integrated into existing hardware or utilized via the ShipChain mobile app.

The Delivery Experience Manager provides “a verified and immutable digital report of the delivery process that increases transparency and ensures all claims can be easily checked for accuracy. This includes photographic evidence of transfer, allowing customers and carriers to confirm safe delivery of goods and mitigate any damage.”

The new platform also allows the buyer to change their address, schedule deliveries and change other shipping criteria in addition to just viewing shipment information.

ShipChain is currently inviting small to midsize Final Delivery companies to beta test the Delivery Experience Manager. All participants will receive dedicated technical support, access to the ShipChain platform’s newest features and lifetime discounts on any ShipChain products. Interested companies can access the application here:

“The final mile is the most important—and costly—aspect of shipping because it combines transportation, logistics and human obstacles, unlike any other moment,” said John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain. “The Delivery Experience Manager streamlines this challenge—providing an easy-to-use platform for small to midsize delivery companies that are looking to add real value to their customers.”

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