NS Delivering $1MM to The Pittsburgh Foundation

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
(Western Pennsylvania Photograph Courtesy of Norfolk Southern, via Twitter)

(Western Pennsylvania Photograph Courtesy of Norfolk Southern, via Twitter)

Norfolk Southern (NS) is contributing to The Pittsburgh (Pa.) Foundation $250,000 for Lawrence and Beaver county nonprofits and first responders and a $750,000 endowment fund that will benefit local nonprofits in perpetuity. The Class I said this brings its total financial commitment to western Pennsylvania communities near East Palestine, Ohio, where a NS train derailed Feb. 3, to approximately $8.6 million.

“Supporting western Pennsylvania means listening to the people who call it home,” NS President and CEO Alan H. Shaw said during the July 24 announcement. “Their direct feedback helps us understand what we can do to make a long-term difference, and it’s what drove our recent contribution to The Pittsburgh Foundation, the largest community foundation serving the region. We hope this donation shows our genuine commitment to the region.”

According to NS, The Pittsburgh Foundation will award a total of $250,000 in 2023 and 2024 to Beaver and Lawrence county nonprofits, and will use $750,000 to establish an endowment, providing long-term support to Beaver and Lawrence county nonprofits “focused on basic human needs; health and wellness; community development; education; workforce; safety; economic development; sustainability and the environment.”

The railroad also announced its sponsorship of the annual New Galilee Carnival with a new farmers market. Attendees from across western Pennsylvania will enjoy free admission to and rides at the event, to be held July 25-29, said NS, noting that farmers will receive a $1,000 stipend to set up a booth and will earn an additional 5% on top of generated sales.

“We want to help keep farming traditions alive,” Shaw said. “These dedicated Pennsylvanians don’t just feed their communities. They feed our country. We’re proud to support the continued growth of western Pennsylvania farming for generations to come.”

NS added that it had previously established a $1 million Community Relief Fund for western Pennsylvania residents. In collaboration with elected officials, NS will allocate $660,000 of the relief fund to Darlington Township and $340,000 to Lawrence County to distribute within their communities.

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