GMS grows managed fleet to 355,000

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The Greenbrier Companies subsidiary Greenbrier Management Services LLC (GMS) has expanded its railcar fleet under management by approximately 85,000 units to 355,000 since Aug. 31, 2016, an increase of more than 30% in this period. GMS now provides management services for more than 20% of the total North American railcar fleet, the company said on Nov. 1.

Through its Regulatory Services Group, GMS has also launched a new web-based learning management tool that “brings on demand, industry-leading hazmat transportation and non-destructive testing training to tank car management customers,” the company said. “As part of a comprehensive regulatory compliance regime for GMS-managed hazmat shippers, the online training systems allow customers to participate in different types of training at their convenience. The combination of onsite classroom training and online web-based training provides timeliness and availability for shippers required to comply with stringent hazmat regulations.”

Additionally, GMS recently launched AssetView360™, a proprietary asset management platform that provides web-based access to real-time data such as maintenance performance, asset characteristics, compliance documentation, location and logistics reporting, and other vital data essential to railcar owners and fleet managers.

“Collectively, these advancements demonstrate Greenbrier’s ability to successfully serve a unique rail asset ownership community that demands best-in-class, value-added asset management services,” said Chairman and CEO William A. Furman. ““Through GMS, Greenbrier provides the industry’s most comprehensive offering of railcar asset management services to all constituencies in the rail freight business. GMS continues to increase in importance and prominence in its markets. GMS’growth generates valuable fee income for Greenbrier as well as benefits for our other businesses like Manufacturing and Leasing & Services. The rapid expansion of GMS’ managed railcar fleet in recent months occurred principally with Class I railroads where quality, service and reliability are essential. Today, almost every Class I railroad in North America relies on some portion of Greenbrier’s portfolio of railcar management services to help conduct their operations.”

“Maximizing the benefits derived from pairing industry experts with advanced technologies is at the core of what we do at GMS,” said Dan Weiler, Senior Vice President and head of GMS. “Our industry leading fleet management group, combined with innovations like our on-line regulatory compliance tools, and state-of-the-art asset management software now permits GMS to support our customers like never before. Our growth and novel technology assets afford opportunities for GMS to collaborate across Greenbrier’s integrated businesses in new and meaningful ways.”

Greenbrier Management Services describes itself as “North America’s most comprehensive railcar management solutions provider. GMS manages 355,000 railcars and has invested more than 20 years in developing technology, processes, and people to provide the high quality and customer-focused services to the industry. GMS is powered by a proprietary unified software platform and industry veteran subject matter experts in the railcar business. Combined, these two vitally important capabilities are able to deliver world class solutions to every type of customer, from Class I railroads, lessors, and industrial shippers to financial investors. GMS railcar management services include: maintenance expense management and billing administration, repair expense forecasting, tank car engineering and regulatory compliance, scheduled maintenance program design, ad valorem tax filings, railcar tracking and visibility systems, railcar logistics services, storage management, lease administration and car hire processing and back office. Originally built with Greenbrier’s own diverse car owner and lessor responsibilities in mind, GMS brings broad expertise to cover nearly any railcar management need that customers may have and its integrated solutions and reporting can be customized for any customer function or management need.”

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