Cincinnati streetcar delay costs nearly $1 million

Written by Douglas John Bowen
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Efforts led by Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley last December to scuttle the city's initial streetcar line generated much discussion on the cost of delay, let alone abandonment. The delay's cost, exacerbated by cold weather, has now been determined: almost $1 million.

The December delaying tactic, endorsed at the time by the City Council, generated costs of $987,108, project leaders informed local media Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Costs included two days of work stoppage due to cold. Work on the line, halted Dec. 4, 2013, resumed Dec. 26.

A contingency fund of $9.4 million budgeted for the project is expected to cover the identified additional cost so far, though other costs due to delay, including those affecting equipment supplier CAF USA, have yet to be determined.

The 3.6-mile, $133 million project remains on schedule to begin revenue service in September 2016. Messer/Prus/Delta Joint Venture oversees project construction.

The City Council reversed its opposition to the streetcar line on Dec. 19, after councilman Kevin Flynn, heavily aided by pro-rail advocates, helped to secure $9 million in private sector contributions to cover operating costs, in order to meet one of Mayor Cranley’s late stipulations for the streetcar’s survival.