Conceptualize and analyze design options

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Bentley Systems’ OpenRail ConceptStation allows users to “conceptualize and analyze design options for rail and transit in a matter of minutes, not days. Rapidly create conceptual track designs, including rail geometry, electrification, tunnels, and bridges, while ensuring design principles.”

Bentley says OpenRail ConceptStation provides for improved data collection, an earlier understanding of project financial implications, and rapid progression from idea to 3D designs:

“Create, understand, and evaluate multiple design scenarios while producing actionable, decision-making data to produce optimal designs. Build models in the existing environment to evaluate environmental impacts and compare costs to help mitigate risk and understand financial implications early in the design process. Create and communicate complex project concepts with lifelike visuals and cost analysis to gain project approvals. Deliver better design options in less time than the competition. Assemble contextual data to bring real-world settings to your project. With geocoordination services, easily find, download, and integrate data such as reality meshes, terrain data, images, and GIS information from a variety of sources. Identify high-cost items and potential risks with the ability to generate project estimates that dynamically update as design modifications are made. You’ll win more business by generating better, more cost-effective designs. Simplify 3D modeling with easy-to-use engineering sketching capabilities to quickly conceptualize rail and transit infrastructure. Share realistic visualizations with the public and stakeholders to gather feedback, improve public engagements, and speed project approvals.”

A free trial of OpenRail ConceptStation is available through Bentley.

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