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STB: We’re available to talk with you

The Surface Transportation Board is making staff available for “informal meetings with interested persons to discuss and gather feedback on the adequacy of the Board’s current regulations regarding emergency service and service inadequacies.”


Digital communications, for safety’s sake

Far too often, when the National Transportation Safety Board investigates a rail accident, it concludes that poor communications proved to be a critical factor, including breakdowns in communication between rail operators, dispatch and maintenance crews.

Watching Washington March 2018: Riding the brand at FRA

“Riding the brand”—a code of conduct exemplifying unbendable trustworthiness, integrity and commitment—is an expression as old as the Wild West, yet as contemporary as Federal Railroad Administrator Ron Batory. Nowhere is this code more needed than at the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), lacking permanent leadership since January 2015 and suffering discord and an organizational brain-drain even longer.