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2021 Guide to Equipment Leasing: The Elephant in the Room Takes Leave

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2021 ISSUE: Welcome to the 2021 Guide to Equipment Leasing. Let’s start out by addressing the space in the room left by the exiting elephant: The U.S. economy and its residents clearly are looking forward to the end of the pandemic era and the opening of the economy.


Second in a Series: Railroads Respond to Changing Ridership Patterns

Historians may look back on the Great Pandemic of 2020-21 and notice that February 2020 was the month in which commuting by train peaked in the United States. Beginning in March 2020, Railway Age has reported the overall decline in service on our local railroads, which came in reaction to the shutdowns that suddenly appeared to sweep the country on Friday the Thirteenth of that month.

What’s Really Going On in Memphis?

In a somewhat-unexpected action, Surface Transportation Board (STB) Chairman Martin Oberman recently suggested some ideas and offered borderline critique about pending public railroad issues. During my long railroad career, such displays of opinion were restricted normally to written official procedural decisions text. A lot of this is geographically following congestion and related intermodal rail service issues around Memphis. Here is my strategic view.

CN Voting Trust Clears STB New Merger Rules Tests. It Should Be Approved

Having been one of the three Surface Transportation Board (STB) Members who voted on the 2001 Major Merger Rules, it seems clear to me that the CN voting trust satisfies the new rules requirements addressing “unlawful control” and the “public interest” when deciding to approve or reject a voting trust. As such, it should be approved so that the Board and the public may move forward to consider the merits of the proposed transaction.

SCDTF: Without Rail, It’s Just Another Acronym

As part of a larger initiative stemming from “key findings” from reviews directed under President Joe Biden’s Feb. 24, 2021 Executive Order (E.O.) 14017, “America’s Supply Chains,” as well as “immediate actions the Administration will take to strengthen American supply chains to promote economic security, national security and good-paying, union jobs here at home,” the Administration has established a Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force (SCDTF).