Rail Equipment Finance 2023


SFG Takeaways From REF 2023

Three days with hundreds of rail equipment industry participants at Rail Equipment Finance 2023 reveal a railcar market that is healthier than we’ve feared into 2023 (lease rate inflation overwhelming the demand-side drag from anemic rail volumes), while the runway for continued investment in diesel locomotives appears to stretch into the 2030s (both rebuilds and new).


REF 2023: Push for Modal Share Pursuit Most Palpable in Years

The call on the Class I’s by other rail industry stakeholders to pursue modal share gain more aggressively is nothing new, but this year at Railroad Financial Corporation’s annual Rail Equipment Finance conference, it feels more palpable than at any time in many years.


‘Where Are The Loads? There Ought To Be Loads’

FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE FEBRUARY 2023 ISSUE: January is always an unusual month. Holiday coziness is quickly exchanged for the realities of credit card bills, a “don’t talk to me about what you did in 2022; what are you going to do for me in 2023?” attitude from employers (apologies to JFK) and a new set of 52 weeks over which to compare railcar loadings. Ask any fan from any football team trying to survive through the NFL playoffs: January is an odd month.