Conrail’s Batory joins OTNA board

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Ronald L. Batory, President and Chief Operating Officer of Conrail, has joined the board of OnTrackNorthAmerica, a non-profit organization “committed to reversing the commercial, regulatory and economic dynamics that cause the underutilization of railroads and many other inefficiencies in transportation and infrastructure.”

“Every time I sit down with Ron, I learn so much, as he not only has a lifetime of railroad experience, he is a great listener and communicator,” said OTNA Chairman Michael Sussman. “The addition of Ron’s leadership to our board, along with esteemed new board members Bob VanderClute, Jolene Molitoris, and Leo Penne ensures that our work will be informed by the perspectives of the railroad industry and the public sector. “

Batory is a career railroader with more than 43 years of field and staff experience in the industry. His leadership skills have resided with a combination of Class I carriers collectively spanning the North American continent. Along with that experience he has successfully guided two significant switching and terminal companies owned by a portion of the Class I community—the Belt Railway Company of Chicago and Conrail.

“OnTrackNorthAmerica, led by Michael Sussman and staff, have further energized the growing awareness of the need for rail transportation,” said Batory. “I’m humbled by having an opportunity to contribute toward that cause through OTNA’s efforts and to serve with an array of respected professionals sharing constructive interests about the future of rail transportation.“

In addition to his participation with OnTrackNorthAmerica, Batory serves on the Board of Trustees for Adrian College and the John W. Barriger III Railroad Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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