Atlas Copco + UCA = Pipeline Air

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Atlas Copco and Universal Compressed Air (UCA) have announced a partnership to supply compressed air solutions to the U.S. market under the name of Pipeline Air.

For Pipeline Air customers, UCA will “build and install modularized compressor facilities at a location that is convenient for the customer, then deliver compressed air to feed the customer’s distribution system. The operation is managed through UCA’s control center, so customers are assured that the installation will keep up with their requirements, cope with changes in production demands and be kept in optimal service condition.”

UCA has a procedure for ascertaining the suitability of a customer’s facility for the Pipeline Air concept. UCA will analyze a potential customer’s current and future air uses, and design a system to meet the contract’s performance guarantees.

“This really gives our customers the best of both worlds,” said Neil Breedlove, VP, Oil-Free Air at Atlas Copco Compressors USA. “The expertise of UCA when it comes to designing, maintaining and supplying large-scale air solutions, coupled with the proven reliability and efficiency of the Atlas Copco ZH product range, makes this partnership a very attractive proposition for a wide range of customers.”

“If you are looking to save energy, space and money, then Pipeline Air is a great option,” said Bob Hutchison, UCA General Manager. “Not only do customers benefit from the highly efficient Atlas Copco machines, but they will never have to lose sleep over their compressed air system again. Once installed, we will operate and maintain the equipment and guarantee performance so that the customers can focus on their core business. We are excited about the partnership with Atlas Copco and see a great future ahead.”

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