Who’s The Boss? TasRail Implements Biarri Rail Software

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Biarri Rail and Tasmanian Railway Pty Limited (TasRail) have announced the completion of the Boss rail planning software system at TasRail’s headquarters in Tasmania, Australia.

TasRail chose Biarri Rail and Boss following a competitive bid in 2017. The two organizations have worked over the past 18 months to extend Boss to fulfill TasRail’s master planning requirements.

Boss—the Victoria, Australia-based Biarri Rail’s cloud-based locomotive master planning software—is “an algorithmic service planning system, using optimization for service and train design, locomotive selection, rolling stock utilization, crew scheduling and rostering, and train path planning. Boss includes a suite of optimization algorithms that quickly generate feasible and efficient plans for all TasRail’s services.”

“Service planning requires the planner to consider various resources moving through a network over time, which need to be considered holistically with an integrated solution,” Biarri Rail COO George Bradley said. “Boss accomplishes this by concurrently considering all demands, resources and physical network constraints.”

“Boss enables more effective and efficient planning to meet our customers’ needs,” TasRail’s General Manager for Freight Services Matthew Patten said. “It would previously take our staff several months to develop a complete master service design, which gave us no flexibility to test incremental changes such as new business or equipment. These new tools allow us to understand the economics and service impact of our decisions.”

“Boss will quickly enable TasRail to better understand and improve planning the railway, increasing efficiency across locos, wagons, crew, and fuel, ultimately lowering its operating costs while improving customer service,” said Tom Forbes, CEO, Biarri Rail.

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