NWT Unity Rail Port Under Way

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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North West Terminal Ltd. (NWT), an independent farmer/shareholder-owned company headquartered near Unity, Saskatchewan in the Northwest region of the province that owns and operates an inland grain terminal and fermentation facility, is developing Unity Rail Port, a processing and transportation hub.

Phase 1 of Unity Rail Port is expected to encompass almost 75 acres of sublots for lease within the limits of the Town of Unity. Phase 2 is expected to include just over 210 acres of sublots for lease in the Rural Municipality of Round Valley. Phase 1 and 2 are located to the West and North, respectively, of a rail infrastructure expansion under way at NWT. The expansion is expected to include a dual loop track. 

“Unity Rail Port will be unique as it is expected to offer prospective tenants access to: Canadian Pacific (Wilkie Subdivision)and CN; grain sourcing and procurement services through NWT’s elevator facilities; and other transloading resources.,” the company said. “As well, the hub is situated on the intersection of two major highways and currently boasts more than 200 railcar spots. 

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“The Board of Directors is pleased to be announcing this project,” said NWT President Brad Sperle. “We have a solid foundation here at Unity as we already produce plant-based protein and renewable energy at our fermentation facility, have a long list of local-farmer customers, and have an existing tenant that transloads lumber, among other things, from truck to rail. We want to continue expanding on these types of opportunities and attract tenants that have synergies with our existing infrastructure. We are also looking at the potential to make the hub green in the future by offering renewable power and carbon sequestration.”

In addition to its inland-grain terminal and fermentation facility at Unity, NWT is also a minority owner of Alliance Seed Corp. (ASC) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd. (AGT) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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