Railway Age’s December 2020 Digital Edition On Line

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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The December 2020 issue of Railway Age is now available digitally.

The annual Freight Rail Outlook addresses what’s in store for next year, as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues. Will we experience the second great railroad revolution? From economic to political matters, our experts—Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono, Wall Street Editor Jason Seidl of Cowen and Co., Contributing Editor and Capitol Hill regular Don Itzkoff, RSI Vice President Nicole Brewin and Executive Search Consultant Merritt Canfield—offer insight. Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass and American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association President Chuck Baker weigh in, too, through special op-eds.

Also, learn how Tony Coscia, Chairman of the Amtrak Board of Directors, defines the railroad’s mission. Hint: It’s not profitability. Service expansion is key. (And Stephen Gardner, who recently ascended to the Amtrak presidency, will tackle it, among other measures.)

Other December feature articles center on safety:

• In the third, and final, installment of our System Safety series, Contributing Editors Sonia Bot and Tony Zenga identify overlooked practices.

• Our maintenance-of-way feature covers highway/rail grade crossing surface technology, and how it stands up to heavy traffic, in both weight and volume.

• PTC 2.0 is our technology focus. Eileen Reilly, CEO of Global Train Services, challenges industry to get moving planning and implementing the technology to achieve the business benefits envisioned when the first PTC systems were being developed.

These highlights and more can be accessed in Railway Age’s December 2020 issue.

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