Improving Geotechnical Data Management for Infrastructure Projects

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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OpenGround Cloud centralizes current and historical geotechnical data, providing easy access for infrastructure project teams—anytime, anywhere.

Bentley Systems’ has released OpenGround Cloud, allowing infrastructure project teams to manage and access current and historical geotechnical data for the modeling, simulation and analysis of ground conditions.

This “single enterprise repository” helps improve workflow and collaboration: “It eliminates the need to retain copies or to exchange data, and ensures that everyone in the supply chain has the correct access rights to the most current version,” Scott Devoe, Bentley Senior Director of Geotechnical Information Management, said in an announcement. “As a result, OpenGround Cloud helps minimize project delays due to encountering unforeseen ground risks during construction.”

In other developments, Bentley recently acquired GroupBC, a U.K. SaaS software firm.

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