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RAC Releases Rail Trends 2023 Report

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
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The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) on Dec. 20 released Rail Trends 2023, a rolling 10-year review of financial and statistical results.

The 31st edition of the report (download below) is a compendium of Canadian rail data up to Dec. 30, 2022. Data is reported by RAC member companies, including Class I and short line railways, as well as tourist, intercity and commuter passenger railways.

Highlights of Rail Trends 2023 include:

  • “Railways invested $2.4 billion to improve safety, efficiency, capacity, and supply chain fluidity.
  • “Railways paid a record $2.2 billion in taxes to Canadian governments—supporting social programs we all rely on.
  • “Industry employment increased by 3.2% and average wages increased by 2.2% to $104,443.
  • “Freight fuel efficiency improved to 711 revenue ton-miles per gallon—setting another consecutive record.”

“Canada’s railways are pulling for Canada—and this report confirms that they are the backbone of our economy. Day in, day out, more than 35,000 dedicated railroaders work tirelessly to move more than $380 billion dollars in goods and getting tens of millions of passengers where they need to be,” said RAC President and CEO Marc Brazeau, adding that “Canada’s freight railways continue to be standout supply chain performers, as the safest, most environmental, and reliable, all at virtually the lowest cost anywhere in the world.”

Data for 2023 will be covered in next year’s report.

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