Webinar: Digital Condition Monitoring: Efficiency, Reliability, Safety Gains, with ZF [email protected]

View this webinar on demand now to learn about ZF’s [email protected] condition monitoring system, which is expanding to North American markets. The innovative solutions, monitoring systems, and digital services from ZF support rail operators in permanent monitoring, early maintenance planning and predictive maintenance of their fleets. View Now >

The modular system works by monitoring the condition of the rail tracks and wheels using Bluetooth sensors on the vehicle bogie. Based on daily measurement data—such as acceleration and vibrations—damage can be detected before issues arrive. This reduces downtime and keeps public transport running efficiently. In the near future, this system will also include other functions related to infrastructure and driveline components.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Find out how ZF’s condition monitoring can leverage your maintenance planning and resources.
  • Hear how [email protected] was implemented at the Graz Linien transport network in Austria and helped to increase efficiency in their workshops.
  • Discover the opportunities for operators to utilize [email protected] in North America.
  • Learn about the [email protected] platform, which offers customized solutions like flat spot monitoring, wear and tread monitoring, as well as infrastructure monitoring.

Join us to discover how to make your operations safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

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Webinar Speakers

Peter Harper

Pater Harper
  • Product Line Manager for Rail Drive Systems, North America
  • ZF

Carsten Münch

Carsten Muench
  • Product & Sales Manager, Digital Solutions for Rail Drive Systems
  • ZF

William Vantuono

William Vantuono
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Railway Age