Requiem For a Heavyweight

FROM THE EDITOR, MAY 2019 – By the time you read this, the largest steam locomotive ever built will have thundered her way from Union Pacific’s Steam Shop in Cheyenne, Wyo., to Ogden, Utah, to take part in ceremonies marking the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike, which completed the nation’s first transcontinental railroad.

Big Boy 4014 is back: UP restores, runs iconic train

The Big Boy is back, baby!

Union Pacific: Golden at 150

COVER STORY, MAY 2019 – Railway Age antecedent American Railway Times, May 15, 1869: “On May 10, the last rail connecting the tracks of the Union and the Central Pacific Railroads was spiked in place, thus giving a continuous railway line across the continent. The blows of the hammer driving home the last spike were heard simultaneously by the aid of the telegraphic wires at the extreme eastern and western sides of the continent; and in many places the marked event was celebrated by the ringing of bells, the firing of salutes, and the interchange of congratulations between the different sections of the country.

Union Pacific re-thinks Brazos Yard timing

Union Pacific contractors were moving lots of dirt when this reporter visited the Brazos Yard site in Texas in November 2018. The location was to be the new crown of UP’s capabilities to improve and increase volume and service to the expanding customer base in the Houston and Gulf Coast chemical and petrol industry complex.

UP 1Q2019: “Improved operating performance”

Despite declines in operating revenue and revenue carloads, and coping with severe weather problems, Union Pacific managed to post record first-quarter financial results, based on what it’s calling “improved operating performance.”

More growth planned for UP-CP Can-Am Corridor

The past two decades have been a time of steady growth for Union Pacific’s only route to the Canadian border, running from Hinkle, Ore., north through Spokane, Wash., to Eastport, Idaho. Capacity improvements performed over the past several years, and more scheduled for 2019, are evidence of UP’s commitment to accommodate new business through this seldom-mentioned international gateway.

What if Shasta blows its top?

To an industry that routinely faces the aftermath of flooding, mudslides, avalanches, hurricanes and even earthquakes, the concept of service disruption due to an erupting volcano seems almost unthinkable. But according to a recent study, and judging by the not-so-distant history of volcanoes in the U.S., some railroads are in fact quite vulnerable to such disasters, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

For UP, 1,000 (or more) new reefers

Union Pacific will be acquiring 1,000 new high-tech refrigerated boxcars and may increase that number to 1,600, if needed, according to UP Vice President and General Manager Agricultural Products Marketing Brad Thrasher.

Union Pacific

UP’s Fritz to STB: “Stabilize service, reverse downward trend”

Union Pacific has responded to the Surface Transportation Board’s March 16 blanket letter requesting information on Class I railroad 2018 service outlooks.

UP picks TRAC Interstar for truck breakdowns

Union Pacific has named TRAC Intermodal LLC subsidiary TRAC Interstar LLC as its preferred national provider of emergency road service, covering the entire U.S. Motor carriers can select TRAC Interstar when calling UP’s Road Service Number, 1-877-250-1933.