University of Delaware Railroad Engineering and Safety program

‘Big Data’ Conference Issues Call for Presentations

Organizers of “‘Big Data’ in Railroad Maintenance Planning 2021” have issued a call for presentations for the Dec. 15-16 conference, to be held in person at the University of Delaware; topic descriptions are due by July 30.

Deep Engineering Dives

RAILWAY AGE, MARCH 2021 ISSUE (expanded version): The railroad industry is using data science to better understand and maintain right-of-way performance. Here’s how.

Big Data conference: “Moving from talking to action”

The 2018 University of Delaware Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering “Big Data in Railroad Maintenance Planning Conference,” held Dec. 13-14, spotlighted the progression the industry is making in dealing with Big Data—“converting the mountain of data collected by railway systems into effective maintenance planning information, with a focus on railway needs and practical applications.

Better railroading through Big Data

As railroads develop and implement new generations of sophisticated inspection and monitoring systems, they find themselves collecting large volumes of data, at increased frequencies across a variety of interrelated systems.

Zarembski recognized for contributions to track engineering

Dr. Allan M. Zarembski, Professor of Practice and Director of the University of Delaware Railroad Engineering and Safety Program, has received the 2017 Fumio Tatsuoka Best Paper Award from the journal Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology. He was recognized for four papers that made significant impact on geotechnology in railway engineering, specifically in the realms of track geometry defects and track substructure.