Miner and TTX: 27 years of Excellence

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has earned the Supplier Evaluation Committee Award (SECO) from TTX Company for the 27th year in a row, achieving Supplier Excellence status each year since the program’s inception.

Strato earns 22nd TTX SECO award

For the 22nd consecutive year, Strato, Inc. has received TTX Company’s SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Award. The 2017 SECO award placing Strato in the category of top companies earning the TTX Excellent Supplier designation.

United Industries fined for unneeded repairs

A unit of Progress Rail Services has agreed to pay a criminal fine of $5 million after it admitted to performing unnecessary repairs on railcars, dumping brake shoes and other parts into the ocean to conceal evidence.

Strato hits 21 with TTX

For the 21st consecutive year, Strato, Inc. is the recipient of TTX Company’s SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Award, placing it in the category of top companies earning the TTX Excellent Supplier designation. The SECO award is for 2016.

RailcarRx synchs TTX repair billing

RailcarRx announced that its Repair Shop Management System now supports the TTX SEI billing format, to assist repair shops in performing billing on TTX pooled equipment.

TTX gives platinum to Strato

For the 20th consecutive year, TTX awarded Strato with its 2015 SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Award.

Holland receives TTX top honors

Holland LP has received the “TTX Excellent Supplier” designation based on its overall SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) evaluation for 2015. This is the company’s 20th time to be recognized, and 17th consecutive.

STB extends TTX pooling authority

TTX Co. said the Surface Transportation Board has approved a five-year extension of TTX’s pooling authority governing all types of flatcars, including those that handle intermodal traffic, finished automobiles, and specialized flatcars for lumber, heavy equipment, and other commodities.

Boosting asset utilization: The hunt for percentage points

Lessons learned from TTX Co.

Increasing asset utilization by a single percentage point can make the difference between a typical year and a banner year. By blending operations insight with advanced technology and optimization techniques, the rail industry is achieving performance gains it previously thought were out of reach.