TTX gives platinum to Strato

For the 20th consecutive year, TTX awarded Strato with its 2015 SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Award.

For Strato, Atlas doesn’t shrug

The appropriately named Atlas line of knuckles, couplers and yokes from Strato, Inc., showcased at Railway Interchange 2015 (Booth 3709, RSI), are produced with “an optimum manufacturing process that ensures consistent dimensions for proper fit and function, longer fatigue life and smoother surface finish to reduce the amount of stress risers and minimize crack initiation.”

E50BE S 2 Website

New Strato knuckle meets AAR M-216 specs

The Association of American Railroads Coupling System and Truck Casting Committee has approved the new Strato Inc. E50BE Knuckle as meeting the AAR M-216 Knuckle Fatigue Test specification, which requires an average fatigue life of at least 600,000 cycles.

Strato launches revamped website

Strato, Inc. has launched its revamped website, designed for desktop and mobile devices. “The site features a fresh, new look with dynamic content and responsive design—accessible on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone,” according to CRM Coordinator and Market Analyst Kim Orozco.