SEPTA’s Knueppel Retiring at Year-End: Reports

Philadelphia media is reporting that SEPTA General Manager Jeff Knueppel is retiring from the agency year-end 2019, following a 32-year career.

Thermal Rail Stress and Undergrade Bridges

When consideration is given to track engineering and maintenance, many newcomers to the railroad industry don’t realize what massive amount of effort is put forward to properly manage thermal rail stress by track engineering and track maintenance professionals. A concept even more difficult to grasp is the relationship of thermal rail stress to undergrade bridges.

Amtrak Bullying Now Targets SEPTA

WATCHING WASHINGTON, JUNE 2019 – Here we go again with Amtrak. While complaining that host freight railroads unreasonably impair its legal right to passenger-train priority handling, Amtrak is employing thug-like tactics to escape federal law and extract greater rents and other concessions from commuter-train operators utilizing Amtrak infrastructure including track and stations.

PATCO celebrates 50th anniversary

It’s not much like the high-speed rail lines in Europe, Japan, and China, but locals still refer to it as the “PATCO Speedline” and have done so for the past 50 years. It travels its 14.2-mile route in 27 minutes, which averages slightly less than 32 miles per hour—not bad for local rail transit.

Hyundai Rotem closing Philadelphia plant

Hyundai Rotem will write the final chapter of an unhappy Philadelphia story when it closes its railcar plant later this month.

First ACS-64 rolling on SEPTA

No. 901, the first of 15 Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotives delivered to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), made its inaugural run in revenue service on July 11.

SEPTA RFP for King of Prussia extension

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is moving ahead to expand its rail system to a major retail and business center.

FTA OKs three SSO Programs

Three more states won’t have to worry about the Federal Transit Administration withholding transportation funding.

Surface Transportation Board

Trump nominates two for STB

A Senate committee staffer and a lawyer for a commuter rail agency have been nominated to fill vacant seats at the Surface Transportation Board. Current Acting Chairman Ann Begeman is expected to be named permanent chairman.

Siemens ships first ACS-64 locomotive for SEPTA

The first ACS-64 electric locomotive for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has left Siemens’ plant in Sacramento, Calif., bound for Philadelphia.