Richardson International

Richardson on April 20 reported via Twitter “a $220M investment in our Wesson oil facility, which will result in a capacity expansion to meet the needs of our customers and the growing global demand for quality vegetable oils.” (Richardson Photograph)

CN Partners Build Business

Richardson International is investing $220 million to boost production at its CN-served Wesson Oil facility in Memphis, Tenn. Also, Crowley is teaming with the Canadian Class I to launch end-to-end integrated ocean

This spring, CHS Inc. will start work on a new grain shuttle facility in South Dakota. (Photograph Courtesy of CHS Inc.)

Industrial Development Briefs: CHS, Richardson

CHS Inc. plans a new grain shuttle facility in southeast South Dakota, to be served by BNSF. Also, Richardson International loads the first 8,500-foot (HEP) train at its new Canadian Pacific (CP)-served grain elevator in Saskatchewan.