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Training & Development: Are Your Railroaders Rebound-Ready?

There are many paths a company may take to reduce expenses in the midst of an economic downturn. Among them is downsizing the workforce, cutting middle management and/or eliminating nonessential travel. These may look like good ideas on paper, but they’re likely to affect training and development budgets via slashed scheduled trainings, suspended current training, limited development opportunities (trade shows, conferences, etc.) or myriad other reasons.

Educating the next generation of railroaders

“You’re going to be a high school senior this fall. Any thoughts on a career? College?”

“Well, Dad, I think I might like to work for a railroad. It’s a pretty important business, and I hear that the pay and benefits are really good. And I’ve always been interested in trains.”

“That’s great. Railroads are doing well these days. But I’m not so sure about where you could go to college for that. Is there such a thing as a railroad major?”

Training & Books

The Railway Educational BureauTraining, Workshops & Consulting The Railway Educational Bureau (REB) has trained the railroad industry’s skilled-labor workforce for over a century. Our time-tested courses are widely accepted by the industry.