Presidential Emergency Board 250

Trinity Industries on Oct. 3 reported that it will supply a mix of 15,000 newly built tank and freight railcars to GATX through 2028, with GATX having an option to order up to 500 more railcars per year from 2023 to 2028.

What a Difference a Day Makes

FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE DECEMBER 2022 ISSUE: The editorial staff at Railway Age follows the “old school” code of the postman emblazoned on New York’s City General Post Office. “Neither snow nor rain …” (you know the rest) keeps the RA team delivering the goods month in and month out.

SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson

SMART-TD’s Ferguson to Members: PEB Recommendations a First Step, ‘Be Patient’

The recommendations of Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) 250 regarding wages, benefits and work rules are “a vast improvement over the carriers’ previous proposals,” SMART Transportation Division President Jeremy R. Ferguson said in an Aug. 18 statement, but they “do not go far enough to provide our members with the quality of life that they have earned, and that both they and their families deserve.”


Yes, a Rail Shutdown Can Occur

Razors cut two ways, as is evident among Wall Street analysts who encourage share-price haircuts for railroads not lowering operating ratios, but themselves fear from railroads a different sort of trimming—loss of access to senior officers and financial data should these analysts have the audacity to suggest the likelihood of a nationwide rail shutdown.